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Images By Jon

Lifestyle and Environmental Portraiture captures the subject or people "on location", which can be at work, in their community, involved in their favorite passion or hobby, at rest or at play. Each image should says something about the person, their life and who they are.  Compared to traditional portraits where the environment has little or no connection to the subject, an environmental portrait creates a mood that contributes to an understanding of that person or their inner persona.

Some environmental images may be light-hearted, whimsical or communicate a fun vibe, while others may feel tense, dark, or powerful.  And no matter who you are or what your passion is. And some of the most interesting subjects include historical re-enactors, artists, musicians, dancers, bikers, thrill-seekers, rebels, gypsies, and people dancing to the beat of their own drum.

Images By Jon

Environmental Portraits